Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair

Concept of XIV KRYAKK

TheXIV Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (KRYAKK) will take placefrom 4 to 8 November 2020at theSiberia International Exhibition and Business Centre in Krasnoyarsk, as well as other venues around the city. The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation is the creator and organizer of the event. The main theme for the XIV KRYAKK will be‘New Ethics’.

The last two decades can be understood as a time of change in the ethical paradigm and attempts by society to adapt to these changes, including by developing new social norms. The rapid development of secular culture after the Second World War and the radical changes seen in the urban environment have intensified the issue of new ethics. The scientific revolution fundamentally shifted our understanding of mans place in the world and the very criteria of what is human, while new technologies have transformed our entire way of life. A growing and spontaneous trend for humanism as well as social and physical mobility have cast doubt on elements of the social contract, which until recently had seemed unshakeable. Accepted role models and behavioural codes, the separation of the private and the public – all of this is undergoing a transformation today, and we are frequently seeing reversals in what is deemed ethical and unethical. The coronavirus pandemic that swept the world this spring has only exposed the conflict between the old and the new, creating many problematic areas and even leading to casualties in the new ethics.

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation proposes an investigation into a new reality that is colliding with a familiar set of ethical values in the here and now, and which has spawned social tensions in all areas of life.

The ambitious KRYAKK 2020 programme will cover the most pressing issues in new ethics now facing society: what is the new sensitivity that is seemingly the cause of so many violations of peoples feelings, and why is it that we treat these feelings with respect in some cases, while viewing other claims as the manipulations of various actors? What does equality mean today, when some groups are demanding more equality than others in the name of correcting the injustices of the past? The programme will also focus on the feminist movement, security and freedom, the benefits and dangers of digital ethics, and the process by which entire strata of our cultural heritage may fall short of the new ethics and the laws of the present.

The KRYAKK discussion programme will include roundtables, lectures, presentations of special projects and launches of new publications. All manner of experts including historians, researchers in cultural studies, sociologists, economists, urbanists, museum specialists and writers will discuss their work in the field of new ethics.